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How To Keep Sweat Bees Away From Pool & What Attracts Them

It’s great experiencing outdoor swimming pool, unless, of course, there’s bees around pool.

Sadly, in an open environment, it is difficult to stay safe from them and they may easily get into your pool, drinks, foods, and even your body.

Do you know what’s worst?

If sweat bees appear in mass, you may even have to delay or cancel your pre-planned pool party completely.


You can choose to put in some efforts, figure out how to keep sweat bees away from pool, and accomplish that!

If the right practices are put into the action and you succeed in keeping them out of pool, you can safely invite your family and friends to a pool party without any worries.

So let’s learn how to get rid of sweat bees around pool!

how to keep sweat bees away from pool

How to keep sweat bees away from pool?

You have to put in some effort and smart practices into the action to control the bees in the outside environment.

In an open sky environment, there’s no control for the bees; they can come at any time and annoy you when you are relaxing on the grass or by the pool.

But regardless, there’s certainly some things you can do to keep them out of pool.

Here are a few of them:

  1. Get a powerful fan
  2. Keep flowers at a distance
  3. Provide them with an alternate drink
  4. Cover your pool
  5. Keep the swimming area clean
  6. Cover foods and drinks
  7. Don’t swim if you’re sweating
  8. Get a bee-repellent
  9. Swim in the evening
  10. Avoid bright colors
  11. Get indoor

Get a powerful fan

Pressured air is one of the best ways to have peace in your outdoor surroundings.

A powerful stand fan won’t only help you get rid of sweat bees in pool but other flying insects as well.

You can also use a wall-mounted too if you prefer that.

If you’re wondering how many fans you need, the required number will depend on the size of your pool area.

Keep flowers at a distance

Some flowers attract bees because they’re always in search of pollen so ensure you’re keeping them away from your pool.

Some of the favorite flowers of sweat bees are daisies, aster, and rose flowers so to deter sweat bees from pool, avoid planting these flowers in close proximity to the swimming pool.

Provide them with an alternate drink

Sweat bees can be found near a pool when they are thirsty and looking for a source of rehydration to quench their thirst, and your pool is becoming their source.

Pour water into the pot and place it as far away from the pool as possible.

Doing this will hopefully work as an alternate source of water for them, diverting their focus away from your pool.

Cover your pool

Installing a shelter on the top of the pool and covering the surroundings with temporary plastic covers can effectively work against sweat bees.

If you have a sufficient budget, consider surrounding your pool with transparent glass. Not only will this keep your pool safe from these bees, but it will also enhance the beauty of your pool.

Additionally, this will also protect you from sunlight, dust, and other numerous insects.

Keep the swimming area clean

Even a single shard of a garbage item might be a source of interest for bees.

If you notice sweat bees in a massive population around your pool, it could be because you’ve got some splashes of sugary liquid around your pool, so clear that out.

If you have a trash can nearby, empty it as well if it is full or will be shortly.

Also, keep the trash can cap locked at all times and avoid putting wrappers around the pool area.

Cover foods and drinks

If you are at risk of being attacked by sweat bees while eating, it would be wise to eat in a covered place since they will not allow you enjoy even a minute of your food and drink if you are in an open environment where they can be found in abundance.

If it isn’t possible, at least cover all types of foods and beverages when they aren’t being consumed and are still to be served.

Don’t swim if you’re sweating

If you’re about to jump into the pool, make sure you’ve had a decent shower first.

That is because sweat bees, as their name suggests, are attracted to your sweat (perspiration).

Getting close to or inside the pool with a clean body and clothes can also keep sweat bees at bay.

Get a bee-repellent

You can find bee repellent in the market and apply it to the skin.

While bee repellent won’t eliminate those bees, it will at least help you protect your skin from them.

Swim in the evening

Sweat bees are usually more active in daylight, so shifting your swimming time to the evening can be a good option if you are experiencing them a lot during the day.

Avoid bright colors

Both colorful walls and dresses attract bees.

Unknown to most people, they have better color vision than humans. So look around the pool for any brightly colored towels or chairs.

Also, try to restrict the number of objects with a high color intensity.

Get indoor

When sweat bees come in a mass, and you are unable to control them despite putting it your all, the final best thing you can do is relocate to an indoor swimming pool until the frequency of these bees decreases.

Why are there so many sweat bees in my pool, why do they even come?

Why are there so many sweat bees in my pool, why do they even come?

Even if you somehow get rid of them using one of the methods mentioned in this post or your own, you might wonder, “Why are there so many sweat bees in my pool, and why do they even come around my pool?”

So, the answer is that sweat bees can land on swimming pools for hydration, as mentioned earlier in this post. They are also attracted to the chlorine and salty taste of the pool water.

Besides, the other chemicals you use to keep your pool clean are also responsible for attracting them.

Aside from that, the “outdoor open environment” is the most prevalent reason why sweat bees buzz around you in the pool. Under the open sky, these sweat bees have no bounds.

The Bottom Line

To keep sweat bees away from your pool on your own, you need to use some sensible methods and be a little clever.

We believe that keeping cleanliness and hygiene surrounding the swimming area is one of the finest ways to make your pool experience calm and secure from sweat bees.

Check the area around the pool for any food particles or liquid drips. To avoid sweat bees, clean up any food leftovers along with other dirt.

Overall, we hope you now understand what keeps sweat bees away and, more importantly, how to keep sweat bees away from pool.

Last Updated on October 13, 2023

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